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The  Loan Monetization programs, are for both leased and owned BG and SBLOC . If the BG or SBLOC  is leased then the client must present  Ready Willing and Able Letter  from the issuing financial institution.  on how the instrument can be transacted against.  Monetization Loan on Leased BG and SBLC is usually 15% to 20% of face amount non recourse  

Non Leased BG and SBLC  if tehy  are owned then will need a   copy of the  non leased BG  or SBLC  at the  BG or SBLC instrument can be MT 760 to the Receiving Bank.   Depending on the credit rating of the Bank issuing the BG or SBLC  Monetization Loan can be up to 70%
of  face amount,  depending on the Credit Rating of the Issuing Bank

The lender will be holding the instrument for  up  to 1 year and 1 day. . Exact  Monetization Loan will be stated in funding contract.

Funding on  Non Leased and Leased   BG and SBLC  can take up to 15 calendar days or sooner depending  on when    teh Non Leased or Leased BG or SBLOC  is received by the financial institution making the Monetization Loan.

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