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Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure & Non-Circumvention Agreement


            This agreement is entered into this       day of                          2010, by and between                                          and Stephen J Burns T/A Creative Funding Solutions Now.  The parties to this agreement wish to discuss and negotiate potential business dealings. In order to produce a free and open atmosphere for discussion, the parties agree to keep matters discussed between them confidential and not to use any information obtained against the party who disclosed the information.  Both parties to this agreement agree to the following:


1.      The information produced and exchanged in any meetings or discussions between these parties will not be:

a)      used in any manner detrimental to the other party, its affiliates, customers, or employees;

b) disclosed without the prior written consent of the other party;

c) used by the party or any representative, agent, associate or employee, for any purpose other than study and analysis of proposed business dealings between the parties to this agreement.

2.      It is further agreed that information disclosed or transmitted will be disclosed by the receiving party only to representatives and employees of the party who:

a)      need to know the information for purposes of evaluating contemplated transactions between the parties to this agreement;

b)      are aware of the confidential nature of the information;

c)      agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

3. Each party agrees to return all conveyed information if business transactions between the parties are not entered into or are not completed.

4. Each party agrees not to circumvent the other in any way.

5. Each party shall be responsible for any breach or continued breach of this agreement by any of the party’s representatives, agents, associates or employees.

6. In the event a party may be required to disclose any confidential information of the other party due to court order, the party subject to the order will give the other party at least ten (10) days notice in advance of any court proceeding seeking disclosure of such confidential information.

7. This agreement does not affect information which is generally available to the public or which is available from non-confidential sources that are entitled to disclose the information.

8. Any fees generated by the parties in their conducting business will be shared equally.

9. Any and all disputed arising out of the execution of the business transactions between the parties shall be settled by mutually agreed to arbitration.



By: _____________________________                   

By: ___________________

Steve Burns   t/a  Creative Funding Solutions Now

                                                                                                                                                                      261 Old York Road, Suite 930



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